Town of Parksley, Virginia

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Town of Parksley
18468 Dunne Avenue
Parksley,Virginia 23421

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Your future friends and neighbors in Parksley, Virginia are eagerly awaiting your arrival to share our tranquil atmosphere and scenic beauty of our small Victorian town life. Parksley has charmed residents and travelers for many decades. We want to share with you, all the things that make Parksley a wonderful place to live, work, shop and play.

The Town's friendly people, unique Town shopping experiences, large Family Friendly Park, Railway Museum, just outside of town you can Fish in the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic ocean the same day, large secluded beaches accessible by boat and Hunting are awaiting your arrival.

Parksley is located 2 miles west of Route 13 and 16 miles from the Maryland State line and one hour drive from the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. While cherishing its small town values and way of life, Parksley is looking to the future and the future is looking bright.

Come for a visit and you will see why so many people after visiting Parksley are choosing to make Parksley, Virginia their home.

Jim Eichelberger, Mayor

Parksley Public Safety

Our Mission is to provide a Safe and Secure Environment for All citizens of the Town Of Parksley, Virginia.



Parksley Public Work

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for residents through responsive, efficient, and effective delivery of services to all citizens of Parksley and by reflecting a can-do attitude with our customers.


Parksley Administration Department

Our mission is to provide the Mayor and Council with timely and accurate financial information to assist in establishing strategic goals and policies. Overall, we diligently work to ensure financial accountability to the citizens of the Town of Parksley